fishes swim in air. swallow clouds shaped like the atlantic. fishes circle her head. mimic stars after collision. fishes grow mouths so hungry. they devour her whole. fishes die. the skies become silent. the sky cannot fall. for it is floating further up. a balloon whose helium never runs out.

MJLthis is what it feels like to fall in love with a man who loves another (request)

when you’re sad, remember, you still have:


  • so many people to meet and possibly love
  • so many people who might love you back
  • books to read
  • places to visit
  • movies and tv shows to watch
  • pretty pictures to take
  • concerts to go to
  • good music to listen to 
  • things to accomplish 
  • strangers calling you beautiful
  • languages to learn
  • pizza
  • fridays
  • arguments to win 


Two “the wave” #burgers, fried potatoes, #homemade #buns and sauces, coke and for me an #aussie beer (James Squire amber ale). If you are in #Milan and crave a #delish burger, you must come here: Burger Wave, via Ascanio Sforza 47.

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